Super Prepaid is a carefree choice for communication by phone and text message, as well as for occasional Internet use. The subscription is ready for immediate use and does not carry a monthly fee. You only pay for the use of the subscription – EUR 0.066 per minute or text message in Finland. The starter pack includes EUR 7 of airtime and all three SIM card sizes: Standard SIM, Micro SIM and Nano SIM. You can purchase the subscription here, at R-Kioski outlets or DNA Stores. The starter pack costs EUR 7.90. 4G data transfer Data transfer speed for DNA's prepaid subscriptions is max. 150 Mbit/s on the 4G network and, if 4G is not available, max. 42 Mbit/s over the 3G network. Actual speeds vary depending on number of factors, e.g. location and network load. If you don't buy a data package, you can get the most from 3G and 4G speeds for only €1.916 per day. Details of Main Features 1. High-precision, high-speed, low-cost gene expression profiling. Through the complete automation of all processes from sample injection to the completion of quantitative reactions, the time required has been greatly shortened, to just six hours. By comparison, the conventional manual process based on the use of microarrays typically takes three days. Fitted with a maximum of 96 wells, each of which can contain up to 100 different DNA strands with abilities to bind to specific DNA sequences, the computer enables a large number of high-precision calculations to be performed simultaneously. 2. Versatile artificial DNA fragments for reactions designed using special software. The artificial DNA fragments that make up the memory of the DNA computer (that is, the medium that allows computational calculations to be performed) are designed using special proprietary software so that they will have regular physicochemical properties and not interfere each other. Since this makes the so-called hybridization process extremely