Understanding the internet (interconnection networking) is an open global communications network and connect millions even billions of computer networks of various types and types, by using a type of communication such as the telephone, satellites and others. The internet is a computer network was originally formed by the United States Department of defence in 1969, through a project called ARPANET. The initial mission of the project was initially only for military purposesonly, but it gradually continues to grow and can be enjoyed by all walks of life The creation of the internet has brought a very significant changes in various aspects of human life. In addition, the internet has also given birth to a new world that has apattern, the pattern of different characteristics at the same time with the real world. Facilities found on the Internet The Internet is often referred to as the universe of information servingthe many amenities that can be enjoyed by internet users. Here are some of the facilities that can be enjoyed by internet users, among others: 1. The WWW The World Wide Web or often abbreviated with the WWW is a system that is found on the internet and is in charge of conducting a search at the same time granting the information quickly by using hypertext technology. To create hypertext, diciptakanlah a programming language called Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML). HTML function binds the WWW address or a file in a document which is usually conditioned extention UR*.htm or * .html. To send the file, takes the role of specific data delivery protocol IE theHyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP). In addition, to find any relationship of hypertext required Uniform Resource Locator (URL). 2. Email Mail or email is electronic messages that are sent and received between users of the computer. Email allows an individual to send messages to other individuals with a fast time, even in a matter of seconds. Currently the development of email is very fast, email is not only contain text only. We can attach multimedia files such as pictures, photographs, videos are even animated. Read also: how to create an email in gmail and yahoo 3. Mailing lists Mailing List or who is often referred to with the mailing list is one of the discussion group on the internet. To become a member of a mailing list, we first send an email to the address subsription and pending approval from the mailing list moderators. Typically, a member of the mailing list Exchange information, opinions, and more. 4. BBS Bulletin Board System or commonly abbreviated BBS is an information center that provides a variety of information from a variety of fields such as education, business, social, technology and others. By using this facility, users can exchange thoughts with other users on a particular topic. Usually, users who access the BBS can upload as well as download news from other users with ease. 5. Chat Chat is a conversation between two or more computer users in realtime by utilizing the internet. For computer users who have been supplementing its computer device with a webcam, they can chat with other users who see the face on the invite chat.